We were having so much fun last Sunday getting ready to watch the Packer vs the Chicago Bears game on Sunday.  We were all rushing around in different directions to put all of our green and gold on. 

I ran to get my Packer collar when…WHAT!? Where was it?  I couldn’t find it.  We looked up, down, over and under everything and it wasn’t there.  It was gone.  

But it was just there a week ago.  What happened to it?  Where did it go?  Did a Bears’ fan sneak in and slip away with my good luck Packer collar? 

I was numb…in shock!  How were the Packers going to win now? 

I looked up at my mom and dad and then sank to the floor.  Desperation filled the air.   

Then I heard my dad say ‘We gotta fix this and fix it fast.’  And ‘fix it’ we did.  We took my fancy glow-in-the-dark Packer leash, that my friend Jeff made, and jerry-rigged it into a Packer collar for the game.

And it worked!  We walloped the Bears! 

Ha!  Take that you collar snitching Bears’ fan!

Go Pack!


P.S. If any of you other Packer Backer cool dogs out there would like your very own Packer leash just have your mom or dad send Jeff an email at tailwaggindreams@gmail.com.