Nobody is going to believe me, I just know it!  But I’m telling you it was an accident.  It really truly was. 

Half way through another heatless night, to get warm, I got in-between my mom and dad in bed. 

Now stop!  I know what you’re thinking… “She did it!  Lucy really did the ‘cold nose on her mom’s neck’ trick to get the heat turned on!”  And many of you are saying “That a girl, Lucy! You deserve to be warm!” Others will think, “Oh, Lucy.  How could you?”

But I’m telling you it was an accident.  ‘Cause after I had time to think about the ‘cold nose on the neck’ trick I felt really bad.  I mean, gosh, I love my mom how could I even think of doing something like that.  And I know my dad felt terrible about giving me the go ahead wink.  So, I did exactly as my mom told me to do…I bucked up! 

As I was doing my circle routine before I lay down between them…it happened.  Yep, cold nose to the neck! 

The scream I heard made my fur stand straight up!  It sent one colossal shiver down to the very tip of my freezing tail.  I jumped off the bed and into my own bed on the floor and lay there trembling. I’d never ever heard a shriek like that before in my life. 

Then I heard my mom’s voice.  “Honey, are you alright?”

Yep, you got it!  My freezing cold nose touched my dad’s neck.

Someday I know my dad and I will laugh about this…someday.