I was talking with my mom the other day about how cold it is at night and couldn’t we please turn the heat on.  She tried to explain to me that it was far too early to do that and that we won’t be turning the heat on for another month or so.  What?

Apparently, I was whining a tad bit too much ‘cause all of a sudden my mom said, "Lucy girl, you need to buck up!  You have your beds, quilts and luscious black fur to keep you warm at night.  The heat is not going to be turned on and that is that."

Really? Are you kidding me? Is it tooooo much to ask to be snuggly warm in my bed at night?  I know my dad would be on my side cause when I woke up the other (freezing) morning my dad had thrown his robe on…IN BED.   Again, I tried to tell my mom how cold we were and my mom just shook her head and said something about us being ‘soft’.  I am not soft, I’m cold!

Later on I was telling my dad about what happened to me in bed last night.  There I was with my tail wrapped around me as far as it would reach.  I could feel the last bit of my body heat seeping out of me.  I moved ever so slightly to stretch my tail one more millimeter when my icy cold nose penetrated my ‘luscious black fur’ and touched my skin.  It was so brutal that it took a few seconds for me to catch my breath. 

My dad responded with compassion in his voice, “Gosh, Lucy, that sounds awful.  Wow, I can’t imagine how shocking that must have been for you.    I’m glad you didn’t touch me with your cold nose.”

We looked at each other and started laughing.

“No Lucy, you are not going to sneak up on your mom tonight and ACCICENTLY touch her with that cold nose of yours.  That would be underhanded and just plan naughty, but still it would be kinda funny to see her reaction, wouldn’t it? And actually, that would almost guarantee that the heat would get turned on.  But, Lucy, I absolutely refuse to have anything to do with this.”

As my dad was walking away from me he turned around and winked at me!

Wish me luck!