I knew I was long overdue for a spa treatment (aka bath and brushing) when my mom got the vacuum gadget out and started sucking the loose fur from all over my body with that tube thingy. 

Usually, I love it when my mom talks to me, but, wow, she went on and on…something about there being enough fur flying to build four eagles nest. 

I’m pretty sure she was trying to make some kind of point here…just not sure exactly what it was. Oh, well! 

I told my dad about this and he looked at my mom like she was nuts (Hmmm?) and said, “Why don’t you just take Lucy to visit Kelsey.  She always does such a nice job on her fur and nails and besides she treats Lucy like she was her very own dog.’

‘Thanks, Dad, that’s a great idea!  Too bad we didn’t think of it BEFORE that vacuum thingy was used to suck off my fur.’

So, my mom and I went to see my friend Kelsey at Tabby & Jack’s on Sunday for a spa treatment!  Kelsey seemed really happy to see me and I was pretty excited to see her too!  Kelsey ever so gently picked up my svelte 65 pounds and took me back to the spa area.  First I got bathed.  Then I begged Kelsey to brush as much of the loose fur out of my coat as possible so that my mom wouldn’t sic that vacuum gadget on me again.  After a very long brushing session I finished up with a pedicure.

I was feeling pretty sassy and couldn’t wait for my mom to come get me.  It was kinda funny. I don’t think my mom recognized me at first, but when she did her face lit up with a huge smile!  She hugged on me and told me I looked beautiful and smelled yummy just like coconut.  And then she buried her face in my fur and hugged me some more! 

Oh, by the way, I had Kelsey slip me her card.  I’ll be prepared for that vacuum gadget the next time it comes at me.