I know this weekends’ Badger football game is only a pre-season game, but, hey, this girl is all about looking good for any and all football games! 

So, in order to complete my Badger outfit it was between my new red and white leash with the black handle and my new red and white leash with the clear handle. It was a tough decision to make, but I’ve made it!  I’m going with my new red and white leash with the black handle. 

My very creative friend, Jeff, makes hand-made leashes that glow, yep, you heard me, glow in the dark!  How cool is that?  Jeff made both leashes for me and I just love them!

I like the way the black-handled leash looks with my beautiful black fur, yet the clear-handled one just says ‘sassy’ to me.  I wore the clear-handled one to the vet last week and the vet even said I looked sassy! 

Another really nice thing about my new leashes is that they are short (just like my mom and me!) Jeff can make them in different lengths, so my mom asked Jeff if he would make us short ones.  

Now that my Badger outfit is complete I’ve gotta start working on the folks for a Packer leash.  The Packer game is tonight, so I gotta think quickly here.  What is my strategy going to be?  Do I pout or do I play my trump card and act totally heartbroken that I don’t have a complete Packer outfit?  

Hmmm, first things first, I feel a nap coming on.   


P.S. Hey, Cutter, thanks for the treat ideas!  I do like carrots and I’m okay with apples (if there is a little peanut butter on them.)  I had a frozen thingy this weekend.  It had honey, plain yogurt and peanut butter.  Yummmy!  Let me know if you want the recipe, Cutter.

P.S.S. Hey, if any of you fellow styling dogs out there are interested in a leash just have your mom or dad send Jeff an email at tailwaggindreams@gmail.com.