My mom and her crazy fun friend had a garage sale last Sunday.  Yep, the day after the Flea Market thingy. 

My dad said that my mom needs some kind of intervention with all this Flea Market and garage sale stuff.  Not sure what he means by that, but I always believe what my dad says.

Back to the dummies…my mom put Max, May-Bell and Mr. Six-Pack out in the front yard at the garage sale.  Max and May-Bell were strapped to trees and Mr. Six-Pack was set in the driveway with his thumb pointing to the garage sale.

I watched from my window seat as lots and lots of people stopped and asked if the dummies were for sale and, sadly, here we go again, my mom’s response was, “Oh, no, they are members of our family.  We could never sell them.”

That was the exact moment I hatched my plan. 

Since, it was really, really hot my mom had me stay in the house most of the day, but I did get out to, well, you know, do my thing.  One of the few times I was outside two people got out of their car and went over to the dummy Max, I had my chance.  I sauntered over to them.  As I was communicating with them that Max needed a stable home and that he would fit nicely in their car…she appeared. 

“Lucy, I cannot believe what I’m hearing.  How could you? Max is not going anywhere.  But you Missy are going right back into the house!”   

Hey, you can’t blame a girl for trying. Right?