My mom just left to go shopping again for the ‘perfect’ clothes for our ‘family’ picture.  It’s time for me and my dad to get busy with our escape plan.  It’s worked perfectly for us the last two or three times she’s gone shopping for this stuff.   

First, I gotta explain why we do this so you won’t think poorly of us. 

Every time my mom gets home from her shopping trips she is giggly with excitement and wants to have a style show.  Then we have to go outside to join the dummies in the back yard and a couple of us have to try this stuff on.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to dress and undress a dummy?  They are not very cooperative.  Nothing on them bends.  They can’t even stand on their own two feet without falling over.  In fact, one of them is tied to a tree and another one is tied to the lilac bush.   Really?!  Have they no pride? 

Oh, my, gosh, I sound like my mom don’t I?  Oh, please, help!  This weirdness is rubbing off onto me!

My mom laughs the whole time and my dad, well, he mutters under his breath, in a foreign language, the whole time.  We beg her to just pick out something for us to wear and let’s get this freaky family picture done with, but noooo, she says, the picture has to have the right ‘feel’ to it.  

The right ‘feel’, huh?! 

Like a good dog, I stay silent, but I’m thinking to myself, “Oh, if FREAKY is what you’re looking for Mom, well, you got it, big time!” 

Now do you understand our need for an escape plan?

I’m at my lookout post in the window seat not taking my eyes off of the driveway.  My dad has my leash by the back gate all set for a fast getaway. 

She’s home!  I ran to my dad and together we head for the back gate and we’re outta here!  Yeah, we did!  We made it! 

“Good job, Lucy.  You are one great lookout dog! Looks like we got away with it again!” my dad said as he was looking down at me smiling and rubbing my head as I was looking up at him smiling and wagging my tail. 

Then SMACK!  We slammed right into my mom.  Where did she come from? 

“Going somewhere you two?” asked my mom with a smirk on her face.

We both gulped.  We looked at each other. My eyes pleaded. “Quick, Dad, think of something here.” 

“Ah, yeah”, replied my dad quickly, “We were just coming around to help get the car unloaded.  Lucy and I can’t wait to see what clothes you picked up for us to try on today.”

“Well, of course you are! Gosh, I’m sorry, I was beginning to think you two were in cahoots together and trying to escape or something.” replied my mom.

Wow!  That was a close one.  My dad is a quick thinker, isn’t he?

Why does my mom still have a smirk on her face?