Well, the votes are in and my MOM can’t stop smiling.  I bet you can guess who’s not smiling…me and my dad, that’s who.

Looks like it’s going to be a family picture with my dad, my mom, me and, yep, the dummies!

Can I just say right here and right now that this is so lame?  When will this dumb dummy business end?

Now all my mom talks about is what kind of clothes everyone should wear for this creepy family picture.  Should we all wear Badger red clothes, dress like people do when they get married, or maybe stick straw in our clothes and pretend like we’re scarecrows?    

Being a descendant of the great wolf, I never thought I would ever use these words, but, blah, blah, blah, mom!

My mom was telling us that she might pick up clothes for several different themes and after everyone has tried things on we can get a consensus on which one to go with.   Get a consensus?  What? Get input from the dummies?

Even though they outnumber us, we (being my dad and me) think that only our input should matter.  After all, it’s going to be my dad and me that are going to look like the real dummies in this thing.

Innocently, my dad asked my mom, “So, what in the world are we going to do with all the clothes we don’t use for this silly picture?” 

After giving my dad one of her ‘looks’ she said to him,

“Okay, Mr. No-Fun-At-All and your four-legged-friend,”

Ouch, Mom, that really hurt!  

“I’ve already thought of that.  Did you forget about the flea market that’s coming up?”

I almost got whiplash when I looked over at my dad.  His eyes were bugging out of his head, his mouth, well, he actually reminded me of a fish out of water.  His mouth was moving but no sound was coming from it.     

Stumbling and tripping over each other we both ran for the back door.