I was so excited the other day when my mom said she’d like a family photo taken in the backyard.  Ahhh, that’s my sweet mom for ya!  She loves family pictures, just my mom, my dad and me, right? 

Well, not anymore!  Now that the dummies have moved in (and in my eyes, pretty much taken over), a family photo now includes my mom, my dad, me AND all the dummies! 

Come on, Mom, ya gotta be kidding me!  Who wants to see a picture of us with a bunch of dummies?


Hmm, well, my sweet Lucy, let’s just ask our readers and let them decide, shall we?

It’s up to all of you out there.  What’s your vote?  Would you like to see a picture of the;

A.   Dummies only, or
B.   Dummies with Lucy’s family?

The first to reach 25 votes on facebook wins!

~Till next time,