Hey, I almost forgot to tell you about the first dummy that came to live with us.  Remember, she was the homeless mannequin lady on a curb that my mom picked up, put in the car and brought home? 

She soon became a member of our quirky family.  My mom would dress her in seasonal outfits and she would stand tall and proud in the living room.  Sometimes she would stand inside just around the corner from the front door.  I can’t tell you how many times she has scared the living bejeebees out of people that have come to visit us.

My dad, mom and I couldn’t wait to see people jump at the sight of her.  We’d crack up laughing every single time. Ok, so I guess the humor is a little warped at our house, but, hey, it works just fine for us! 

The four of us were having so much fun together until one day my mom noticed that our friend was looking kinda sad. 

Here we go again, with the freak side of my mom.

My mom said something wasn’t quite right with our friend.  So, she tried a variety of things to cheer her up. 

First she dressed her in a sassy bright outfit and then she moved her to a different location in the living room.  The finishing touch was a pair of really cool red sunglasses.

But, none of this seemed to make any difference.  My mom was getting really upset that our friend was so unhappy.  After all, according to my mom, she was a member of our family and we needed to find out what the problem was.  

My mom would ask me, “Lucy do you have any idea what is bothering our friend?” 

Now, what I really wanted to say to my mom was,

“What the heck?  She’s a dummy!  Are you kidding me?  She doesn’t breathe, eat, or talk, Mom.  Snap out of it, will ya?” 

But being the sweet and loving dog that I am, I didn’t.   I just looked up at my mom and just shook my head. My mom thought I was shaking my head ‘no’, but you all know the real reason I was shaking my head, right?

And it continued, “Lucy, could it be this or Lucy, could it be that or Lucy, what do you think we should do?”  

On and on she went. 

Finally, I looked at my mom and said,

“Mom, I love you, but really, get a grip!  Do you hear yourself? It’s Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!  I really love my name, but you’re gonna wear it out!” 

My mom looked down at me and said, “LUCY!  You are a genius! That’s it!  Our friend doesn’t have a name!”

That my friends, is how the ‘name game’ started and if my mom thinks I’m a genius, well, if it works for her it works for me.

So, my mom named her…hey, wait a minute!  How about another contest.  Can you guess our friend’s name?

Here are your clues:

  1. Her name is hyphenated (but isn't normally)
  2. Liberty ____
  3. An international radio/telephone signal word used by aircraft and ships in distress

Those are your clues.  Good luck!    

I’ll let my mom take it from here. 


Here we go with another chance to win a $25.00 America’s Best Flowers gift card to the first person that responds with both the correct name and correct spelling of the name to our Facebook page.  

~Till next time,