Yikes, she’s still at it!  Yep, I’m talking about my mom!

The difference is NOW that I know that she is not ‘selling fleas’ but looking for ‘stuff to sell at a flea market’ things aren’t so scary.

She keeps saying though,

“I know there is more stuff here to get rid of.  I just know it.  What have I overlooked?”

My dad and I are plum worn out.  Seeking refuge in the man cave is becoming a daily habit for us.

Earlier this week, (in the cave, of course) as my dad was gently stroking my head, he looked down at me and said,

“Lucy girl, hang in there!  Things will be back to normal in just a few days.  The flea market brouhaha will soon be over with and your mom will be done tearing up the house.  Won’t it be great Saturday night when it’s all over with?  We’ll have some peace and quiet again.”

We both love my mom, but, in regards to this flea market stuff, we think her cheese has slid off her cracker…if you know what we mean!

So, at supper the other night, my dad asked my mom,

“What are you going to do with all of your spare time after the flea market is done this weekend?”

After giving my dad a puzzled look she replied,

“Done? What ARE you talking about?  There are three more flea markets after this weekend!”

My dad and I looked at each other and ran for the hills!  Help!

Wanted: Temporary home for good man and perfect dog.