Wow, I’ve had a great birthday week.  Yep, you heard me right…birthday week!  I know most birthdays’ are celebrated for a day, but not mine!  My mom and dad told me that since the three of us are such ‘party animals’ we were going to celebrate my birthday all week long. Gosh, being spoiled and pampered for 7 straight days, hey, who am I to argue with that!

And it has been fun, but the best day was Saturday. I just gotta tell you about it. 

Saturday morning my mom and dad had hung up a birthday banner (or I should say hung ‘down’ a birthday banner so that it would be at my eye level) and for breakfast I had a scrambled egg mixed in with my kibble. Yum!  Off to a good start here, wouldn’t you say? 

Then they told me they had a surprise for me on Saturday night that would require a ride in the car.  Okay, I’m game for any chance to stick my nose out the car window and inhale all the aromatic mysteries of life! 

Anyway, are you ready for this? Hang onto your collar ‘cause this is SO cool! 

My mom and dad surprised me with a sky full of FIREWORKS for my birthday!   Can you believe it? 

Normally, I’m not a big fan of fireworks ‘cause they can be real loud, and that really, really scares me.  I’ll pant a lot, shake a lot, and try to crawl up my dad’s pant leg (but he doesn’t mind ‘cause he loves me so much.) 

But, no worries this time, we stopped the car a long ways from where all the noise was coming from and watched the sky fill with all kinds of sparkly lights.  What a fun night I had with my family!

Do my mom and dad know how to celebrate a birthday or what?! 


Well, we all know that the fireworks display was not for Lucy’s birthday, but would you mind if we kept this secret from her? 

~Till next time,