So, it happened again. There I was minding my own business, kinda in and out of a great nap (gosh, I make it sound like I sleep a lot don’t I?) and I heard a word that made my ears perk up.  Sadly, this time it was not one of my favorite words or expressions like ‘treat’, ‘walk’ or ‘a surprise for Lucy.’  This is one of the ugliest words known to us descendents of the great wolf.  The word makes my skin crawl.  Actually, it makes my skin itch!  Yep, you guessed it…FLEAS!

My mom was talking some kind of nonsense to my dad about finding fleas and selling fleas. What’s gotten into her this time?  She took everything out of the cupboards and closets looking for fleas.  She picked through it all and put only some of the stuff back where it came from.  Stacks and stacks of odds-and-ends were building in the kitchen, the hall way, and the bedrooms.  I didn’t see any signs of fleas, but hey, I was keeping my distance, ya know what I’m saying? Then she disappeared down to the basement to, apparently, look for them down there too.   

You’re probably wondering where my dad was during all of this, weren’t you?  Well, my dad was in his ‘man cave’ (just another example of silly words that a dog would never consider uttering). This is where my dad disappears to when my mom is on one of her ‘missions’ as my dad puts it.  There is a TV, a comfy chair and a cooler out there.  Oh, ‘out there’ means out in the garage.  He seems to think he is safe there, but it doesn’t seem to be, ‘cause that’s the first place my mom goes to look for him. 

My dad could tell that I was confused by all the commotion the fleas were causing, so my sweet dad let me join him in his cave.  Then he explained the whole ‘selling fleas’ thing to me.  Apparently, my mom wasn’t looking for real live biting, itchy annoying fleas to sell.  She was looking for stuff that she didn’t want or need anymore and she was going to sell the stuff at a thing like a great big garage sale with a bunch of other people.  Well, for goodness sakes! Why didn’t she just say garage sale? I know what those are. We have a couple of them at our house every summer.   

Finally, my mom came up from the basement and stuck her head into the garage.  She had an armful of stuff and asked my dad if he would please help carry more stuff up for the flea sale (aka garage sale).

After they got done carrying things upstairs my mom looks over at me and my dad and says,

“Hmmm, I wonder what else I can get rid of.”

I’m not quite sure if it was the tone in her voice or the look in her eyes when she said that, but my dad and I looked at each other and then we made a mad dash for the back door. 


Thanks to all who responded to last week’s contest.  The correct name of Lucy’s backyard detective dummy is Drake after Paul Drake from the 1957 Perry Mason series.  Tammy, was the first person to post the correct name on Facebook and has won a $25 America’s Best Flowers gift card.

~Till next time,