I love my mom, but she can be kinda freaky!  And she would be the first one to laugh at this and then, well, she’d agree with me.  How can I say such a thing about my mom?   Well, I’ll tell ya.

Her weirdness really, really kicked in about 10 years ago when my mom found this homeless lady on a curb.  My mom has a big heart and a freaky imagination and did what anyone would have done.  She picked her up, put her in the car and brought her home and she became a member of our family. Whoops, oh, I think I forgot to mention that the homeless lady was a mannequin?

She was the first dummy to join our family.  Now we have a guy dummy living with us.  My mom hates it when I call them dummies, but I call it as I see it. 

Can you see him way back in the corner amongst the Karl Forester grass?  He is sitting on a lawn chair with a red hat on.   See him?

That’s not all.  My mom gives them names!  Yep, you heard me.  She names them.  The guy in the corner has been living with us for a year now and has been nameless up to this spring.  Why did it take her so long?  Well, like I said my mom is weird.  Even though they are not real people she takes the naming thing very seriously. 

As my mom put it ‘this guy has a sophisticated almost bureaucratic look’ which caused her to do some deep thinking. 

Deep thinking about a dummy…are you kidding me? For gosh sakes, Mom, name him Spot or Hank and just get it over with, will ya? Anyway, you put a red hat on him and that, to me, says Hank, Bill, Joe!  Don’t you agree!  Those are nice solid, strong guy names. 

So, one day I’m out in the back yard with my mom and the guy dummy, when out of the blue, my mom starts saying, “I got it, I got it!” I look at her and excitedly wait to hear what she ‘got.’

“His name, Lucy, his name, I finally have the perfect name for him.”

“Oh, yeah!” I reply. (Can’t you just feel the excitement in the air here?)

And then she told me.  Okay, I’ve never known anyone with that name, but whatever, it’s her game! 

My mom told me that he reminded her of a private detective from some TV series way back in 1957 or so.  Isn’t that ancient history I asked her?  She gave me a very dirty look and told me no it wasn’t ancient history ‘cause she used to watch it when she was a kid.  (Wow, touchy, I guess I hit a nerve with that question.)  Then she went on to say that this guy was a very nice looking tall man with perfectly coiffed hair.  (Where does she come up with this stuff?) He was always nicely dressed in a suit and tie or a trench coat.  And he worked with some famous lawyer guy.  Stranger yet, she gave our dummy guy the private detective’s last name, not his first name.  What else could I say to that but, okay, dokey.

Then I said to my mom it would be fun to have a contest to see who could guess the dummy’s name and my mom agreed.  I’ll let my mom tell you how to enter the contest.  Good luck!    


Here we go again with another chance to win a $25.00 America’s Best Flowers gift card to the first person that responds to our Facebook page with the correct answer.  

~Till next time,