It’s very soothing to listen (but not listen, you know what I mean) to my mom and dad while they are talking with each other.  They gab about all kinds of things like the garden, their puppies and grand-puppies and the crazy squirrels in the back yard (my dad is not a big fan of squirrels).  You know that everyday kind of stuff.  

Anyway, early this morning the three of us were relaxing outside on the deck.  I was drifting in and out of my morning nap enjoying a nice gentle summer breeze. 

All of a sudden my mom’s voice dropped to a whisper which I thought ‘How sweet is my mom, not wanting to disturb me while I’m napping.’

In the same breath I heard her say ‘Lucy’ and the word ‘surprise.’ What?  My ears went into autopilot.  Yep, I know this is called eavesdropping which isn’t a polite thing to do, but, well, I love surprises, especially if they are for me.  So, as I pretended to nap I got down to some very serious listening. 

I heard my mom say she had never heard of or seen this thing before, but she was pretty sure that I would enjoy it.  In fact, she was so sure of it that she ordered 2 of them.  One is for indoors and one is for outdoors.  

I must have reacted somehow ‘cause my mom and dad both looked down at me and my dad asked ‘Lucy, are you really sleeping or are you faking it again?’ 

Faking it…me?  

I tried to look as innocent as possible, but I don’t think I pulled it off because they both got up and walked out into the yard and continued to talk. 

Gosh, I wonder what it is. 

My dad looked over at me and laughed. 

‘Okay, Lucy, here are your clues.  It’s not a toy, not a treat or a collar.  And it’s bigger then a bread box. That’s it.  Those are the only clues you’re going to get.  Good luck you little eavesdropper!’  

So, I get the toy, treat and collar thing.  But what in the world is a breadbox?  I know these aren’t very many clues, but can anyone out there help me figure this out?