At our first meeting, Lucy and I sat together on Marge’s kitchen floor for over an hour.  Lucy never left my side and, likewise, I never left hers. 

After watching us together, Marge said she had never seen such a perfect pair.  We were able to cut through the red adoption tape in record time and Lucy was mine or I should say we were ‘each others.’

It was a close one though.  Marge and her husband thought Lucy was such a wonderful dog they had seriously considered keeping Lucy for themselves.   

It gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it. 

Here is another significant fact about Lucy.  When Lucy and her pups first arrived at Marge’s house Lucy didn’t really have a name.  Marge said that she was kind of referred to as Blackie.  Well, it didn’t take Marge long to decide that Lucy was a far better moniker for her than Blackie. 

Saying ‘I love, Blackie’ just doesn’t have the same ring as saying, ‘I love Lucy’!

Don’t you agree?