We worked like a team in the back yard the other day.  Raking and fluffing the old mulch, pulling weeds, putting down fresh mulch.  Then my dad went back and forth and back and forth cutting the grass.  My task was to help my mom search for her favorite perennials.  She was so excited.  Every time she discovered a hosta peeping through she’d holler for my dad to ‘come look’.  After a few times of shutting off the mower and walking over to look, my dad pretended not to hear her call him to ‘come look’.  You can’t fool my mom though.  I didn’t catch everything she said, but it ended with her shaking her head and muttering ‘Men!’ 

Meanwhile I had my nose to the ground searching for the little returning green things. But the pungent spring air was teasing me, taunting me, pulling me off course.  Oh glorious smelly wonderful spring, welcome back!  I’ve missed you!


Note:  Don’t let Lucy fool you.  The above picture of Lucy was taken while Hubby and I did the yard work.

'til next time