The other day it was too wet to do anything outside, so my mom said it was a good day to do some spring-cleaning. 

My dad is so funny.  Quietly, he said to me, ‘Lucy, this is a good day to run and hide!’

My mom has this fancy-dancy machine that sucks up everything off the floor, off the couch, off my beds, off the rugs and out of every single corner of every single room. I tell you, nothing; nothing is safe when that machine is on the move. They (my mom and the machine) traveled together throughout the house, sucking up anything and everything that was in their path.

I know my mom is really impressed with that stupid machine, but I get confused.  First she is oohhing and aahhing over how great it works and then later I hear her grumbling (well, actually, it’s more like a growl!)

You see all the stuff that gets sucked up through that hose thingy goes into what looks to me like a bowl of water. After they were done going through a couple of rooms, what was once a clean bowl of water turned into a dark and dingy sludge. My mom then turns the machine off, takes that water bowl thing into the bathroom and dumps the water out. It’s at that time that the growling starts.  She is going on and on about the water being so dirty and I hear her say to herself,

‘What are we a bunch of slobs or what?’

And then, then, she says…are you ready for this?

‘There must be enough black fur here to make a blanket.’

Now wait just a minute!  How did I get dragged into this? I know I shed a little here and there, but, really, enough fur to make a blanket?   Talk about your exaggeration! 

So, I decided to get my dad.  I looked all over the house for him.  I knew he would defend me.  I knew he’d tell my mom that she was being way too dramatic about all of this.  Then I remembered what he said to me earlier…it was a good day to run and hide.

As usual, my dad was right!  Next time he’s not leaving without me!