That thing that the water comes out of needed to be fixed. It’s been acting funny for a while now.  How do I know that if I can’t see up that high, you ask?  Well, every time my mom would turn the water on the tone in her voice made it very clear that something was wrong.  But she seemed to be managing okay with it.

That is UNTIL the day my mom turned the water on, and water sprayed all over!  And I do mean all over!  The cupboards and floor got sprayed and the kitchen wall waaay across the room got drenched.  It all happened so fast.  My mom hollered for my dad (or maybe it was at my dad, hmmm, gotta think about that one.)  Anyway, my mom stood there dripping wet and my dad real quickly got a bunch of towels and was wiping the wall down and then he left in his car.

Now, my dad can fix anything, but that day I sensed that he needed my help. So, when he returned, I offered my assistance and we tackled this water monster together.

It’s funny the things you learn on-the-job. Here I thought I knew everything about my dad, but I guess not. My dad is bilingual!  How did I find that out?

Well, when my dad was lying on the floor halfway inside the cupboard I heard him speaking an entirely different language.