It’s plain and simple I love my mom’s hair blower.  On cooler mornings, after I’ve been freshened up with a warm wet washcloth, my mom will get the hair blower out and direct the warm air all over my body as she gently strokes me, in sync, with each wave of the hair blower.  Is this a great way to start a day or what?

Tuesday was a bonus triple-hair-blower-day for me.  After my initial blow dry I just stood there and kept looking (lovingly, of course) at my mom.  As usual she read my mind and immediately picked up the hair blower and ran it all over my body again. Gosh, it felt good.

Satisfied, I went into the living room and let my mom use the hair blower on her own fur, well, for a while anyway.  The lure of the hair blower pulled me into the bathroom once again.  I stood next to my mom and, bless her heart, I got my third blow dry treatment.

Shhh, can I tell you my secret? I really do enjoy the feel of the warm air blowing over me, but what I truly love is my mom’s touch. With each and every caress I feel her love flow straight to the very depth of my heart.

I’m so happy!