I got busted!  After I tell you what happened I’m sure you will agree I made the right decision.   

When my mom goes to bed I go to bed.  When my mom gets up I get up. You see where I’m going here?

When I go to bed I first sleep with my mom and dad for a while.  Then I go to the hard wood floor and sleep there for a while.  Then I go to my bed, which is located on the floor right next to my mom’s side of the bed, and sleep there for a while.  Or sometimes, I go to my bed first and then to the hard wood floor.  The only consistency to my nighttime sleep habits is that I always end up in my bed in the early hours of the morning.  Why?  Well, in the morning my mom always reaches down and pets me ever so gently and talks very quietly to me.  I wouldn’t miss this for the biggest pig’s ear in the world!

So last Saturday night I overheard my mom ask my dad if he would make me breakfast in the morning so that my mom could sleep in for a while cause she was really tired.  Of course, my dad said, ‘Absolutely!’

Knowing that my mom wanted to sleep in, the next morning I went around to my dad’s side of the bed and quietly let him know that it was time to get up.  So, like a good dad up he got and went into the kitchen to make me breakfast.

Well, I started to follow my dad out of the bedroom. Then I turned and looked at my mom all by herself in bed and, well, I did what every good, sweet, and adoring dog would do.  I got back up into bed with her.  (I kinda took over my dad’s recently deserted spot.)

All of a sudden I heard my dad in the bedroom doorway say, ‘Lucy, you are so busted!’

But what was I to do…leave her all alone?  I think not!