Okay, I’ve got to admit it.  Hubby and I have been a little lax with Lucy’s daily massages.  That point was made recently when sweet Lucy laid down on the floor next to her massager and woefully looked up at us with those sweet caramel colored eyes and then let out a long soulful sigh. 

Oh, man, talk about a guilt trip!  Hubby and I got the message loud and clear.  We immediately stepped up to the plate (rather, down to the floor) and now Lucy is once again getting one, sometimes two massages a day. 

By the way, Lucy wanted me to send a ‘happy tail wag’ out to Linda.

Hmmm, not quite sure what this is all about, but I surmise that Linda possibly put a (friendly) bug in Lucy’s ear on how to get her massage wants and needs recognized. 

Is it time for me to change my email password?

'til next time