What?! One day earlier this week, in both the morning and afternoon, I was outside rolling in the grass. My olfactory system (yes, us dogs know big words too!) was fully awakened by a plethora of wonderfully intriguing aromas arising from the wintered grass.  Ahhh, now THAT my friends, was a slice of heaven!

Then whammo by night fall that crummy snow is back. I’ve had enough! 

I’m done hibernating! 

I’m done shoveling snow (well, I don’t exactly shovel, but I do an awful lot of supervising while my dad shovels.)

I’m done sticking my paws in a bowl of warm water after taking a walk so that yucky snow-melting-salt-stuff doesn’t hurt my feet.

I’m done banging my nose into CLOSED windows. 

I want to go outside and run the fence line with my neighbor pals. 

I want to go outside, lie on my back, and soak up the rays.

I want to go outside and roll in the grass.

Is that asking too much?  Am I being unreasonable?  When will it end?