All I knew about this dog was how she looked in her picture on the Angel’s Wish website, (sad and forlorn) and that her short bio mentioned that she was a great momma to her litter of eleven.  I did not know if she was a jumpy high energy dog or a nervous Nelly.  There are all kinds of moms, you know!

Marge, her foster mom, called for Lucy and she calmly continued her short journey across the patio.   What was going through her sweet and gentle mind at that moment?   Was she hopeful that she was about to meet her forever mom?

I reached down and let her examine and smell my hand and after receiving her approval, I gently stroked her head.  No, I didn’t pat her head.  I don’t like having my head patted, so I try not to pat anyone else’s.

Marge suggested that the three of us go into the house.  As Lucy and I sat on the kitchen floor together talking (I did the talking) and smelling (Lucy did the smelling).  I’m not exactly sure when my tears started, but Lucy raised her head and licked my face.  How sweet was that?  I loved it!  But, it didn’t strike me as anything very unusual for a dog to do until Marge said, ‘We’ve had Lucy and her puppies here for three weeks and that is the first time she has ever licked anyone other than her puppies.’