The only ‘being’ getting a good night’s sleep lately at our house is Lucy.  With these bitter cold nights she snuggles in between her people which, I know, I know, makes you go ‘ahhh’.  But Lucy dreams…a lot!  And when she dreams her Labrador retriever legs are moving at full dog throttle.   

Let me remind you that Lucy weighs 70 pounds and when all four legs of a 70 pound dog are in motion in a relatively confined space, somebody is going to suffer and it’s not Lucy.  Need I say more?

The other night or morning, not sure which it was, it was dark that’s all I know, Lucy was dreaming and ‘running’ around in her sleep.  I woke up, which isn’t unusual ‘cause the entire bed is in motion, I look over at Hubby and, honestly, it looked like he was teetering on the edge of the bed.    How he could sleep in that position is beyond me.  He must be getting accustomed to Lucy’s nighttime wanderings. 

I’ve suddenly noticed how inviting Lucy’s ‘official’ dog bed is looking lately.  It’s on the floor right next to my side of the bed in front of a heat vent.  Hmmm, warm, cozy and motionless…who knows where sleep deprivation can take you?