We saw it in her eyes.  The winter blahs had set in. It appeared that our sweet Lucy was experiencing a bit of depression and who isn’t?  It’s been a long, cold and miserable winter.

Hubby and I tried many things to lift her spirits.  We gave her a new tennis ball … nope, not even a tail wag.  We puffed up every one of her sleeping/napping areas in the house and coaxed her to cuddle up on one of them…nada, zero, zippo, nothing!  

Lucy would probably have loved some treats…you know…the dog’s answer to our cookies and milk, but since we watch her diet closely that wasn’t going to happen.  We did put some shredded carrots and sliced up green beans in her dish, but she turned her nose up at that.  (Can’t say as I blame her.  It’s not my idea of comfort food either!)

After several other attempts to cheer her up the look of absolute boredom and disinterest still showed in her eyes.  

And then it hit us.  Lucy needed a day at the spa.  We called her favorite spa ‘Tabby and Jack’s’ and got her booked for a day of pampering.  

The timing was perfect because ‘Tabby and Jack’s’ was having a spa sale.  Lucy got the works.  She had a bath, deep coat conditioner, de-shedding (which rejuvenates the coat), ears cleaned, teeth brushed, paws moisturized and her nails trimmed.  

When I picked her up an hour later, she came prancing, yes, prancing out of the grooming room with a great big smile on her face.  I almost didn’t recognize her. She was beautiful. 

And you know what the best part was?  The twinkle was back in Lucy’s eyes!  

I immediately called my hair dresser.  If it worked for Lucy, I’m more than willing to give it a try!