You will not believe this…Lucy has been keeping a winter diary!  Yikes, where does it end?

After some reasoning (and bribes with sweet potato treats) Lucy has agreed to share a winter entry.

Dear Diary,

Silly boots!  Silly, silly boots.  Boots for dogs are you kidding me? Whoever came up with this idea?  My mom and dad were so excited when they brought these things home.  They acted as if they were the next best thing to my glow in the dark rubber ball.  Yaaa, right!  Then they went on and on about how these ‘doggy boots’ will protect my paws from the ice and snow. 


I am a dog for goodness sakes!  I am a descendant of the wolf.  Can you imagine what my ancestors would say if they saw me prance around in these things?  I would never be able to claim my place in wolf history if I wore them!

How can I avoid the humiliation of wearing (ugh) ‘doggy boots?’  I need a plan. 

Ya know what, Diary, this is too stressful to think about right now.  I need a nap.  That always clears my head.  I’ll get back to you in a bit…