My mom and dad keep on asking me what I want for Christmas.  Would I like a new squishy ball or squeaky toy?  Maybe some yummy (but healthy) treats?

They get so excited; I know I have to put something on the list.  Let me see, I suppose I can make use of another toy or two.  Treats are in both my daytime and nighttime dreams, so treats (yes, even healthy ones) are always welcome.  A new collar would be nice (after all, a girl cannot have too many collars!)

This is so tough and I tried, honestly, I tried, but it’s all just stuff!

Don’t they get that?

Well, I finished my list and gave it to them.  After reading it my mom and dad looked at each other, then they laid on the floor with me and wrapped their arms around me.  I think they finally got it!

So, what do I want for Christmas?

All I want is for my mom and dad to love me forever and ever.