Hey, everyone, my mom and I are real excited!  We are going to share in the telling of ‘Lucy’s Story’.  It’s going to be so much fun working with my mom.   

But, I didn’t want to leave my dad out of the loop, you know what I mean?  So, I talked to my mom about including him in this somehow and this is what I came up with. 

Each week we will both write an article.  Then we will show it to my dad and he can decide which one deserves to be in ‘Lucy’s Story’.  

It looked like my mom was going to burst into laughter when I told her, (moms can act weird sometimes) then said she thought it was a great idea and that she couldn’t wait for me to tell my dad.

Well, when I told my dad our plan he started to slowly move toward the back door, shaking his head and saying ‘Nope!  There is no way, no way, no way on this green earth that I’m going to make that decision.’  Then he actually ran out the back door the whole time muttering ‘no way, no way’. 

Gosh, what’s all that about?  My mom stood there laughing her head off.  What is so funny? 

Sometimes they make me scratch my head!