Yeah, my mom was able to take a bath!  She was so excited!  She can finally put her foot completely under the water.  My mom just LOVES the bathtub! 

What is the big deal?  I mean it is not like she is swimming after a ball or a stick or anything fun like that!  She just soaks in the water with a book and a bunch of bubbles.  My mom stays in the bathtub so long I go in to check on her being prepared every time to jump in and save her if necessary. 

On occasion, I have put my nose in the water and then one of those silly bubbles will go up my nose.  Then I sneeze and then my mom laughs at me.  Shhh, please don’t tell her, but I do this just to hear her laugh.

So, if sitting in a big water bowl makes my mom happy…it makes me happy!