My mom is acting goofy!  My dad and I are both laughing at her, (quietly ‘cause we don’t want to hurt her feelings.)  My dad says it’s from the medicine the vet gave her.  She starts to read a magazine and then it falls from her hand and then she’s starts snoring!  Golly, my dad has even had to wake my mom up to eat!  What?  I’m going to tell Dr. Sara to never, ever, ever give me that kind of medicine!  Wake me up to eat???  What kind of nonsense is that?

My dad was right about that wheelchair thing.  I keep my tail tucked close and my paws clear when my mom is on the move!  Shhh, don’t tell my mom I said this, but it’s really funny to watch her try to get through a doorway with that thing.

There is one good thing though.  I’m really getting caught up on my naps ‘cause I never ever leave my mom’s side.