Lucy speaks!

My mom has a sore paw!  My dad sat on the floor with me the other night and told me that my mom had to go to the vet and have her paw fixed and that she would be staying overnight with the vet.  I thought, hey, that would be fun if my mom and I had a sleepover with the vet because I really like Dr. Sara.  But, my dad said it was a different vet and that, no, I couldn’t sleep over.  Bummer!  Then my dad said that when my Mom came home she wouldn’t be able to walk and that we would need to give her a lot of TLC.  You bet, anything for my mom!

While my dad was scratching my tummy (he is really, really good at that) he started laughing and then said to me ‘Lucy, if your mom handles that wheelchair like she handles her car you had better keep your tail tucked close to your body and your paws out of her path’.  I didn’t see the humor in that, but apparently my dad did!

Hey, what does TLC mean?  I want to ask my dad ‘what is TLC?’, but he won’t stop laughing!