Lucy doesn’t like hot weather!  She is a black (and beautiful) dog that absorbs just too much heat.   Hubby and I watch her very closely in this hot, awful, miserable, muggy weather.

Gosh, Lucy will go outside for just a few minutes and she is dragging both her tongue and her tail in no time flat.  Then it’s back into the house for a drink of ice water.  (Yes, in this weather Lucy has ice cubes in her water bowl.)

We have ceiling fans and floor fans that usually do the trick.  Hubby and I can tolerate the warmer weather, so having the fans blow warm air around, well, we’re okay with that.  But the minute we see signs that it’s getting too warm for Lucy, well, on goes the A/C.

Yes, we are a bit overprotective, but please don’t judge us!  If you knew Lucy like we know Lucy you’d do the same!