Are you ready for some REAL football?  The Green Bay Packers play the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday! 

A few weeks ago we thought we had our act together.  Our plan was to get a few pictures of Lucy, for the newsletter, in the back yard posing, (obviously, lying down is her favorite pose) in front of our Badger and Packer football rock carvings.  She was oh, so accommodating (esp. when Hubby got the treats out!) 

When last week’s newsletter came out guess who noticed that she wasn’t wearing her Badger collar?  Yep, this means this week’s picture is minus her Packer collar. 

Lucy was upset and Hubby and I felt pretty inept.  We immediately dug her Badger and Packer collar out of storage, washed them and hung them on the clothesline to dry.  Lucy prefers them to be air dried rather than in the clothes dryer.  I guess it’s that fresh outdoor scent. 

Then she requested a retake for this week’s newsletter.  Hubby and I convinced her that her Packer-less collar picture was just adorable and that it would be impossible to recapture the sweet look she had on her face.  She kindly acquiesced.

Actually, let me reword that ‘She kindly acquiesced after Hubby got the treats out.’