We are not alone!  Hubby and I didn’t realize that we had so much in common with other dog owners!  

Following are several roundabout definitions from readers;

Pat – ‘In our house "roundabout" means you have to go round about the dogs.  We have one dog in particular who lies in our kitchen doorway.  You not
only have to go around him, but sometimes over him as well. 

(Pat, does Lucy’s picture remind you of anyone in your household?)

Peggy – The 180 degree turning she does prior to lying down?

(Peggy, after reading your response Hubby and I looked at each other and said, ‘Yep, there are multiple right answers!’)

Linda – You probably have to walk around about her to get where you want to go. (Linda, right again!)

Step over and/or step around…aren’t we lucky that Lucy provides us with so many opportunities for exercise?  

That Lucy must really love us!