Shhh, Lucy doesn’t know it yet, but she is going to have a bath on Saturday!  Hubby and I love this.  Lucy gets a nice refreshing bath and Hubby and I stay dry! 

At 1:30 Dr. Sara, from Northside Animal Clinic, is going to do an acupuncture demonstration on Lucy.  This will be just a short demo as a normal session usually takes about 45 minutes.  We are not sure how Lucy is going to react to having people and dogs watching this.  You know what I’m saying?  She is used to being at Dr. Sara’s nice quiet office with just the three of us in the room.  So, please keep your fingers and paws crossed that Lucy will be okay with the change of venue.  If all goes well, then Dr. Sara will do another demo at 2:00.  Space will be limited, so if you are interested in being present for this please send me an email at If Lucy isn’t comfortable with having the actual procedure then Dr. Sara will just point to specific areas and discuss the affects and benefits of acupuncture.   Dr. Sara will have handouts available for you to take home. 

By the way, Hubby has a new expression for Lucy.  He refers to her as our roundabout.  Can any of you figure out what it means?  Send me your guess at  You never know, your response may go in next week’s Chapter 19 along with Hubby’s definition of the term.