We had a surprise birthday party for Lucy last week!  Lots of talking, laughing, eating and of course, pampering of Lucy took place.  That is what birthday parties are all about, right? 

And as it happens, the question of age came up.  With the information we have about Lucy we believe that she is either eleven or twelve years old.  Neither Hubby, our dear friend Sue nor I liked the sound of that!  So a unanimous decision was made by the three of us that Lucy is only eight years old.  We ran this past Lucy and she gave it a tails up.  After all, it’s a female’s prerogative (human or dog) to misrepresent one’s age!

The guest of honor enjoyed her special day…which when I think about it, is a pretty normal day for our Lucy! 

The birthday banner A second picture of Lucy with her new penguin chew toy