Pictures and party antics from Lucy’s birthday party coming next week! 

Has it happened to you?  Out of the blue you remember something you either had forgotten to do or had forgotten to tell someone?  Well, this is one of those times!  I apologize for neglecting to mention, what I believe, is an amazing part of Lucy’s Story.  I still get goose-bumps thinking about it.

After about six months of being Lucy’s mom I got together with Marge, Lucy’s foster mom for coffee.  We had intermittently kept in contact via e-mail, but decided it would be nice to get caught up in person.  Our main topic of conversation was Lucy.  That came as a surprise, didn’t it!  I asked Marge to, once again, tell me Lucy’s story.   Marge went through it all as I had remembered it except for one pretty major detail. 

As Marge is telling me this very familiar story she mentions that Lucy was a stray found in Boscobel, WI.  I stopped Marge immediately and said that she had never mentioned that Lucy was found in Boscobel.  Marge tried to reassure me that yes, she had mentioned it.  My response was a very insistent no; I had never, ever been told that part of her story.  Marge asked me how I could be so sure.  After all, there was so much to Lucy’s story I had probably just forgotten it.  

With my eyes welling up, I very softly said, “Marge, I promise you, I never would have forgotten the fact that Lucy was found in Boscobel, because that is where I was born.”

Some things are just meant to be!