Just like you and me Lucy has her morning routine.  When she hears me running water in the tiniest room in the house (okay, okay, the bathroom) she’ll come stand at the door and wait.  She knows she’s next in line to get freshened up.

How in the world did this get started?  Well, I’ll tell ya.  It started 5 years ago after our garage sale.  Our dear friend Sue stopped over to see what kind of goodies we had for sale (at least that was her story.)  Hubby and I both knew Sue was there to see her BDFWWW…Best Dog Friend in the Whole Wide World.  It’s pretty obvious I don’t have a clue about the Twitter world, so forgive me if this is not twitter correct. 

Lucy, working her charm as the welcome wagon dog, would gently welcome and greet every garage sale customer.  She knew dog-gone-well she was irresistible.  Who in their right mind would pass up a chance to stop and pet her?  Are dogs, calculating…I can’t help but wonder? 

Sue had watched as person after person petted Lucy.  And being Lucy is Sue’s BDFWWW, well, Sue was concerned.  Sue mentioned that maybe it would be a good idea to wipe Lucy off with a wet cloth because of all the different people that had petted throughout the day.  Duh, good idea!  I never would have thought of doing that.  I can’t tell you how much Lucy enjoyed getting freshened up that day with that cool wet cloth.

Times have changed a bit.  Lucy is retired, so no more ‘long hard work days’ for her. Instead, after Lucy gets freshened up in the morning she can enjoy a leisurely day in her back yard.   

It really truly is a dog’s life!