Honestly, I’d forgotten some of the details of this adventure, so I gave my friend Diane a call.  Thinking that between the two of us and our mature over fifty year old brains (you don’t need to know how much over fifty!) we would remember all the details.  Holy cow!  I don’t have a clue as to what has happened to us!  Diane is saying one thing and I’m saying another.  So, after laughing about this, it was left in my incapable hands to tell the story. 

It was a bright glorious spring (?) or summer (?) morning.  See, it’s already started, one of many questionable issues.  Coffee cups in hand, dogs off leashes (in a safe zone), what a jolly foursome we made.  Our dogs were happily sniffing their way across the field by Olbrich Gardens and, us, well, we were two morning groggy women laughing at each other while each attempted to drink coffee and talk and walk at the same time. 

The visual hit us before the olfactory.  Here comes this sweet-looking mama and baby skunk running out from under some flattened cardboard.  Being normal dogs, Casey and Lucy started to chase after them, until, well, mama skunk did what any mama skunk would do. She let fly with her maternal protective mechanism.  Casey and Lucy took off running.  I don’t remember where exactly Casey ended up, but Lucy was nose deep in a flower bed trying to wipe her face, head, eyes and nose into the soft soil.  By the time we gathered the dogs both mama and baby skunk were out of sight, but remnants of their existence hung in the air! 

We quickly walked them home, gasping for any hint of fresh air as we walked.  After getting them into Diane’s backyard, I jumped in my car and went to Walgreen’s and bought every single bottle and can of tomato juice and V-8 they had.  How naïve were we!? 

While I was gone, Diane had grabbed her pot of spaghetti sauce out of her refrigerator and had dumped it all over both of them.  We commenced to pour and rub red slop all over them. 

I can’t imagine what Casey and Lucy were thinking at this point.  What?  They’re rubbing food on us?  How’d we get so lucky?

We both called in late to our jobs.  We did the best we could for the next two hours to fumigate our dogs.  We knew there had to be a better recipe out there because the ‘red slop’ just wasn’t cutting it.  We agreed to look online for a recipe and get back at it again after work.  We did find a recipe that worked better than ‘red slop’.  Gosh, I can’t remember exactly what it was.  Imagine that?  Something like dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and a few other ingredients.     

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when I called into work I told my wonderful co-workers what had happened to Casey and Lucy.  When I finally arrived at work there were several signs by my cubicle reading; ‘Caution: Skunk Crossing’.  Friends and co-workers, you gotta love them.

On humid days, in weeks to follow, we would once again have the opportunity to reminisce Casey and Lucy’s great adventure.