Once again we interrupt this story for an acupuncture update…

Lucy had her second acupuncture treatment last week.  Dr. Sara was encouraged to see how well Lucy was doing. 

Okay, let’s be honest here, we can turn back the clock just so far, (I know, I’ve tried in many ways, different miracle face creams, the so-called perfect hair color and style, suck-your-gut-in magic jeans and the list goes on…gosh, don’t panic, I’m talking about me here, not Lucy!) 

We are going to take what we can from the acupuncture sessions and run and swim with it!

A big ‘Thank You’ to customers, Roberta and Marcia, for telling me about Dunkin Dawgs K-9 Swim Center in Janesville.  We are going to be taking Lucy there whenever it stops snowing!