Lucy and I left her foster home together and she settled quickly into her permanent home.  Lucy would never let me out of her sight though.  When I’d leave a room, Lucy would be right behind me.  She would join me in every single room, you get my drift?  That was 9 years ago and things have not changed.  Let me add that the house is not a mansion, in fact it is very, very small.  I don’t know if she thinks I’m going to jump out a window and disappear or what?  We have deemed the song, ‘Me and My Shadow’ our anthem. 

Lucy slept in bed with me right from the get-go.  When she would wake up, during those first few weeks together, she would be so excited.  Lucy would always wake up first and would kindly awaken me with her cold nose on my face or neck.  Once she saw my eyes open, she would almost dance in bed.  It was as if she could not believe that this was for real…she was not dreaming.  Her forever home and her forever mom were real!