We interrupt Lucy’s story with a health update…

Lucy had her first acupuncture treatment last Thursday.  Lucy has arthritis.  Hubby and I have done what we could up to this point to keep her moving and healthy.  But it is having an impact on her back legs.  We noticed that, at times, they would tremble and that she would be a little wobbly.  Hubby and I decided it was time for her to try some acupuncture treatments and made an appointment with Dr. Sara.

We arrive for her appointment and after being in the exam room for a while, Lucy started to get a bit anxious. She was panting and acted as if she wanted to crawl inside my jacket.  She knew something was up and she wanted no part of any of it.  Dr. Sara said that after the needles were in position for about ten minutes or so Lucy should start to relax and possibly lie down and take a snooze.  Sure enough, that is exactly what happened!  Got to get me some of those needles!  After thirty minutes the needles were removed and I left with a very relaxed Lucy.

Now, twice a day Hubby and I do a little physical therapy with her.  The first few times we did this with her she looked at us like we were nuts.  But now she seems to actually enjoy it.  Dr. Sara said that swimming would be a great exercise for her, so we’re looking for a dog pool to take her to.  Does anybody out there know of someplace? Her next acupuncture treatment is in about a week…I’ll keep you posted. 

Don’t get me wrong, Lucy’s still got it!  She gets so excited when we are getting ready for a walk that she’ll jump up and all four paws clear the floor (which is exactly how I react when I see nachos and cheese!)  We still love our walks together and actually the slower pace works well, for all of us.