Last Spring Container Workshop this Weekend

Newsletter 13 – Thursday, May 15, 2014

Current Hours

Cottage Grove – open Mon-Fri 9-8, Sat and Sun 9-6.
Note: Saturday, May 17, from 8am-7pm.

Edgerton – open Mon-Fri 8:30-7, Sat 8:30-6, Sun 9-5.

Lucy’s Story – Chapter 49

Wow!  When is all this yard work going to be done?  I just want to roll in the grass, sleep in the grass and daydream in the grass.  Is that asking too much? 

But my mom and dad keep saying to me, ’Lucy, it can’t be all fun and games!’ 

‘Why can’t it be? Isn’t that what life is all about?’  I ask them.

Ahhh, I gotta go I’m getting the evil eye!


Last Spring Container Workshop this Weekend

Our last spring Container Garden Workshop is this Saturday and Sunday, May 17-18, from 10 – 4 PM. The workshop starts at 10 AM and is ongoing throughout the day till 4 PM.  Come in anytime between those hours.  After you have shopped for your plants, flowers, and containers pick your spot in our designated workshop area and let the fun begin!

It’s a hands-on experience, so be sure to bring your garden gloves. If you forget them, don’t worry, we have a wide variety of reasonably priced gardening gloves to choose from.  Our knowledgeable and friendly associates will be happy to assist you while you do the planting and will help with any and all plant or design questions.

We do ask that if you are bringing in containers from home, please empty all soil from them before bringing them to our greenhouse.   We will provide fresh and FREE potting soil for your creation and we will also clean up the mess.

If you are bringing in large containers please bring in packing peanuts, chunks of Styrofoam or Styrofoam egg cartons to help fill the bottom of your container.  It makes the container a whole lot lighter for you to transport back home and also, easier to rearrange in your garden if you want to change your outside decor.

Serving Up Tasty Herbs on Saturday

A basket filled with herbs

Do you like homemade tomato soup?  If so, Steve, our herb guy, will be serving up samples of his homemade tomato soup on Saturday. Usually, Steve enhances his soup with herbs, herbs and more herbs.  But, Steve thought it would be cool if we offered herb lovers and herb novices the opportunity to try a variety of herbs in a sampling of his tomato soup.  You’ll have the chance to choose which herb you’ll like to flavor your soup with.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

And that’s not all!  We’ll have several varieties of herb butter to taste.  We’ll even have the recipes for you to take home.

Q: Why is a tomato round and red?
A: Because if it was long, skinny, and green, it would be a bean.

Are you hosting a graduation party, family reunion or just an all out fun get together this summer?

There is always so much preparation that goes into any type of social event.  Let us reduce your stress level by assisting with your outside decorating.  Our talented staff will create eye-popping flower containers that will amaze and impress your guests.  Just give us a call at 608-222-2269 to arrange a time to meet with our designer.  America’s Best Flowers will create that perfect look for your special event.

Send Al your gardening questions!

America’s Best Flowers wants to help you succeed in your gardening efforts. If you have gardening questions send an email to our Operations Manager, Al Lunde, at Al will get back to you promptly. Let America’s Best Flowers be your go-to greenhouse for answers.

Gardening is just a man trying to improve his lot.

Upcoming Events

Sat, May 17
Herb Cooking Class

11am-1pm – Cooking with fresh herbs.

Sat, May 17 – Sun, May 18
Container Workshop

10am-4pm – FREE soil and assistance. Create a beautiful container garden in our greenhouse and we’ll clean up the mess. Bring in your own pots or buy some of ours.

Sat, May 24
Rose Clinic

10:00am – FREE class on how to select, plant, prune, and care for your roses.

Sat, May 31
Perennial Gardening Class

10:00am – FREE garden plan and class.

Sun, Jun 1 – Mon, Jun 30
Perennial of the Week

Focus is on a new perennial each week.

Sat, Jun 7
Succulent Garden Workshop

10am-4pm – FREE soil and assistance. Bring in your own container or buy one of ours.

Q: Why did the tin man from Oz eat artichokes?
A: He wanted a heart!

Our Kitchen

Sue’s Shrimp Rice A Roni Salad

  • 1 Box chicken Rice-A-Roni
  • 1 Jar marinated artichokes – chopped
  • 1 6 oz can of small shrimp
  • 2 T chopped onion
  • Chopped green olives for flavor
  • Sliced green olives for appearance
  • ¾ – 1 C Hellmanns original Mayonnaise
  • Salt & pepper to taste

Cook the rice-a-roni according to its directions, and allow it to cool to room temperature.

Mix with the remaining ingredients and enjoy!

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