This morning on my way to work I was thinking about the newsletter and what might make for interesting reading.  While we prefer not to use it as a forum to announce sales, this time of the year it is one of the few ways we have of making sure you don’t miss out on special offers.  So I have to start off by telling you that this week we have reduced the price of all of our perennials by 20%.   Combine that with the 20% off trees, shrubs and roses and you have the perfect opportunity to invest in your landscape.   Landscaping leads the list in adding value to your property, returning 109% return on every dollar spent.  For more information visit America In Bloom.

Even better, we have additional savings available on all coral bells (heuchera). These shade loving, hardy perennials are grown for their colorful foliage.  We have several varieties currently in stock, many with ruffled leaves.  And at 40% off, this is the perfect opportunity to brighten all those shady corners of your landscape.


Because we still have such a great selection, lilacs are also 40% off.  Thinking about lilacs reminds me of Bonnie, my dear friend and co-worker who died this spring.  Every May, Margaret, from our perennial department, would bring in huge bouquets of lilacs for Bonnie’s desk.  It was one of the few times Bonnie would actually sit still, gazing at the beautiful blossoms and inhaling deeply.  For a few moments the incredible fragrance would transport her, I never knew where, but I did know it was to a calm and peaceful place.   If you plant a few lilacs this year, every spring you can go there too.