They crunch and they munch until the flowers and leaves of your favorite plants are riddled with holes.  Not picky, they will crunch your beans, peas, corn, tomatoes, peppers, all types of berries, grapes, and most fruit trees.  They also love ornamentals like roses, phlox, zinnias, impatiens and hibiscus, just to name a few.  Early last week I spotted the first signs of damage to the leaves of my beautiful red hibiscus that grows by my mailbox.  I put a tickler in my brain to be sure and bring home the spray that would make them go away.  But since mental ticklers leave a lot to be desired, the past few days my beautiful plant has become more and more crunched by these shiny, green bottomless pits.  So now there is a different crunch, the one that happens when I knock them to the pavement and stomp, resulting in disgusting beetle juice all over the soles of my shoes.

Don’t follow in my gross footsteps and procrastinate the treatment of your plants.  We have several products that are easy solutions to the invasion.  For your roses and ornamental plants, we recommend Bayer Advanced Rose and Flower Insect Killer; Insect, Disease and Mite Control; or Tree & Shrub Protect and Feed, available in an easy-to-use hose end attachment bottle.  For your fruits and veggies try Bayer’s Citrus Fruit and Vegetable, Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew or Earth-tone’s Insect Control

Trapping is also possible. Safer’s Japanese beetle traps use a pheromone bait to lure beetles to the trap.  Refill baits are available so it is not necessary to purchase new traps every year.  For best results, place them at the edge of your property, far away from any plants you are trying to protect.

A more permanent method of control is the application of Milky Spore powder.  One bag covers 7,000 square feet and three applications in spring, summer and fall for two consecutive years is guaranteed to work for 10 years. 

Back to bargain talk.  Right now Bayer is offering up to a $6 Rebate on the purchase of Bayer Advanced products.  We have the forms available on the shelf.  Combine that with your dollars and you can save your plants for pennies.