German Bearded Iris - Bev's favorite flower

German Bearded Iris – Bev’s Favorite Flower
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Gardening is not quite so ‘miss it and it’s gone’ – gardeners get ‘do-overs’. We can begin planning next year’s garden even before this year’s blooms are finished. To help you make those plans, join us Saturday, August 14 at 10 for our annual Iris Divide and Swap. This will be our fourth season running this workshop and it has grown in popularity each year. All you need to do is bring in a clump of iris that needs dividing. We’ll show you how it’s done, and when we are finished, you’ll have a chance to trade varieties with other iris lovers. This is a FREE event, but we ask that you bring along a Sharpie, a garden knife and scissors and a few plastic grocery sacks.

In Wisconsin, late July to mid August is the perfect time to divide iris. This provides six to eight weeks of rest after their bloom period, but still leaves plenty of time for them to develop a root system before the ground freezes. We always have iris lovers bring in huge clumps which provide many divisions to share, so even if you don’t have iris that need to be divided yet, come on out anyway. We’ll show you how it’s done and share the bounty.