Now is the time to fertilize, prune and repot your houseplants.  With the longer days of spring finally here, houseplants are actively growing.  You should prune off all dead or damaged leaves and then decide if a larger pot is needed.  If you are not sure if it’s time to repot, gently tip the root ball out from the pot.  If roots are very visible, it is probably time for a larger pot.  Another indicator your plant needs a larger pot is if water no longer easily runs into the potting soil.

An easy way to fertilize is with a slow release product like Osmocote.  Actively growing plants can actually be fertilized with both a timed release and water soluble fertilizer this time of the year.

We can help with your fertilizer, potting soil and new container needs.  If you prefer, we’ll even repot houseplants for you.  Price depends on size and container choice.