Saturday and Sunday, November 17th and 18th
Ongoing throughout the day between 9am and 3pm

We are known for our container workshops throughout the year. The holiday workshops are just one of our "hands-on" workshops we offer to our customers. America's Best Flowers porch pot and wreath workshop affords you the opportunity to create a unique and personal statement of decoration for your entry, porch, deck or patio. We offer bundles of assorted fresh greens as a base to start your container.  You can bring in your empty container or purchase one of ours. Containers range from inexpensive plastic to high end ceramic. We will fill each container with FREE sand. Once you have arranged the greens, you can add to your container from our wide assortment of pre-bundled artificial picks and stems or purchase individual stems of artificial items to accentuate your design. Our experienced design staff will be on hand to assist with your design and arrangement. Last year’s workshop was attended by over 65 people who created some spectacular outdoor pieces. Finished prices ranged from $30 to $140. It all depends on how large or how full and dramatic you want your container to be. In any case, your container makes a personal statement your family and friends will admire, and you created it yourself! If you are familiar with our spring container workshops, this is just a variation of that using winter and holiday materials. 

At the same workshop you can also decorate a fresh wreath.  Wreaths are available in several sizes and are freshly made by our staff at our florist shop in Edgerton. You can select from an assortment of decorations to create your own individually decorated wreath. Pricing is the cost of the wreath plus the cost of the individual picks, swags and bows that you select. If you’re making a porch pot, why not decorate a matching wreath too?