Blossom Bright Gardening Tote Set Bella Butterfly Kid's Gardening Gloves Bella Butterfly Bug House Tootle Turtle Kid's Gardening Tote Set Bella Butterfly Net

Did you know we’re on sale at America's Best Flowers?  Yep, all Melissa and Doug products are 30% off.  We have the Tootle Tote and Blossom Bright Tote sets.  These sets come with the tote bag, a garden trowel, a shovel and a spray bottle. And what fun the kids will have with a Butterfly Bug House or a Happy Giddy Net.  It’s a great time to introduce your young ‘uns to the joy of fall gardening. 

We also have the cutest novelty watering cans!  How about a pink pig, orange fish, green frog or a yellow duck novelty watering can?  Think of all the cute pictures you can take of your kiddo watering just about anything and everything with these adorable watering cans.